Endless Possibilities To Engage And Inspire

Increased need combined with raised expectations by today’s students is driving educational institutions to make bigger invests in technology.


The Future Of Learning: Share Ideas, Increase Engagement, And Embrace Active Learning For Today's Digitally Savvy Students Of All Ages.

Institutions, from elementary thru higher education, are looking to create a powerful impression, augment student experiences and nurture a collaborative learning environment.

MultiTaction provides interactive displays that can be scaled to any size and configuration, including the ability to handle curves and right angles, while responding to unlimited touches by fingers, infrared pens and 2D barcodes with real-time response. When paired with MultiTaction software solutions the application opportunities for education are endless.

MultiTaction solutions can be found in more than 50 educational institutions around the world. What does MultiTaction offer that has led some of the world’s most renowned schools and universities to select MultiTaction? Unparalleled visual performance, stunning image quality, and responsive collaboration tools have all been cited as reasons MultiTaction has been selected for a variety of uses by our education customers.

From enhancing student engagement to taking distance learning to the next level, MultiTaction not only enhances the educational experience for current faculty and students but serves as compelling recruitment tools to attract top talent.

Provide A Social Platform

In a lobby or common space, MultiTaction solutions provide a social platform.

Universities utilise the systems to enhance their prestige, boost fundraising and excite prospective students with the latest technologies to assist student recruitment.

At Trinity University, the MultiTaction touch table in the Admissions Office Welcome Center enables students to explore courses and facilities with a range of preprinted codice cards that activate content when placed on the table.

The University of Illinois uses MultiTaction solutions to research touch technology’s influence on group interactions and learning in the school classroom.

At University of Oregon’s Ford Alumni Center in Eugene, MultiTaction solutions serve as a contact and messaging tool, connecting over 200,000 current and past students of the university.

The iWall Is A Powerful Tool For Remote Learning

The Center for the Future of Surgery (CFS) at University of California, San Diego School of Medicine is a world class facility which is dedicated to advancing surgical techniques. Their brand new, state-of-the-art training operating space features “The Wall of Knowledge” – a nine screen MultiTaction touch video wall running our complete suite of collaboration and visualization software. The result is a space where live real-time visual information can be captured and explored, analyzed and compared by a surgical team directly in the operating room. It is a game changer for both better instruction and learning as well as for developing and refining new techniques.

The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) has a curved iWall running in its new state-of-the-art iEXCEL center. A second iWall in the Scottsbluff satellite campus allows students in both locations to collaborate in real time. Students use advanced visualization and simulation technology to learn and practice before encountering real patients.

Bundle Showcase With Canvus For Greater Engagement

Pair Decca with MultiTaction’s software solutions