Professional Sports Teams Are Experiencing A Data Revolution

There are three critical things: the amount of data is growing exponentially, the majority of data is unstructured and unstructured data can really impact a team, or a player.


Ignite Fan Passion: Interactive Displays for the Future of Sports Venues

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In today's competitive sports landscape, engaging fans and creating a memorable in-stadium experience is crucial. MultiTaction's interactive displays are revolutionizing sports venues by providing innovative solutions that enhance fan engagement, deliver real-time information, and create a dynamic atmosphere for every game. Our technology empowers stadiums, arenas, and teams to transform the fan experience from pre-game hype to post-game celebrations.

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  • Unmatched Fan Engagement: Our high-brightness touch screen displays allow fans to access real-time statistics, highlights, social media feeds, and even participate in interactive games, keeping them engaged throughout the entire event.
  • Dynamic Digital Signage: Transform static signage into captivating displays. Showcase concession menus, merchandise promotions, upcoming events, and sponsor content with our solutions.
  • Positive Brand Image: Embrace cutting-edge technology to showcase your commitment to innovation and provide a modern fan experience.

What Do You Do With Unstructured Data?

You want to be able to look at it, you want to be able to interact with it, and that’s where data visualization comes into play.

It’s not about stats anymore – now it’s about how you fit the pieces of the puzzle together to create that unique picture for team management in a way that’s personalized to each player. This provides insights that help support management when they need to make those critical multimillion-dollar decisions.

Data visualization offers the promise of a data-driven business model, generating a competitive advantage fueled by new business insights.

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