MultiTaction Delivers Personalized Experiences

Visually stunning interactive and immersive experiences have been popping up in museums in recent years, offering guests a different type of museum experience where they can interact with the exhibit around them.


Unleash the Power of Storytelling: Interactive Museum Experiences with MultiTaction

Spark Curiosity and Ignite Engagement

In today's digital age, museums need innovative solutions to captivate visitors, bring history and art to life, and create truly memorable experiences. MultiTaction's award-winning interactive displays transform museums into dynamic hubs for learning and exploration. Our technology empowers museums to create engaging interactive exhibits and multisensory experiences that spark curiosity, ignite imaginations, and leave a lasting impression on visitors of all ages.

Transform Your Museum with Interactive Technology:

  • Enhanced Visitor Engagement: Go beyond static displays. Our responsive touchscreens and interactive elements allow visitors to actively participate in exhibits, explore information in depth, and personalize their museum journey.
  • Immersive Storytelling: Transport visitors to different eras and locations with captivating visuals, interactive simulations, and multimedia content presented on our versatile displays.
  • Educational Entertainment: Blend education with entertainment by creating interactive learning experiences that make complex topics accessible and engaging for all visitors, from children to adults.

The Exploratorium Makes It Interactive

Exploring content at the Exploratorium is super easy. Anyone from age 7 to 67 can walk up and start interacting with the exhibit, without any training at all. And it’s big enough for visitors to have a social experience. Everyone can gather around and easily share what they are seeing.

The 49ers Museum Educates And Entertains

At the 49er’s Museum, students learn how STEM is tied to everything around them, including the wonderful game of football. After learning about the physics of throwing a football, and the geometry behind designing a football, students then design, build and test their own football. A memorable hands-on experience!

Australian War Museum Delivers An Immersive Experience

The exhibit features over two hours of video, more than 70 paintings and roughly 100 separate stories that give the visitors an immersive and interactive historical experience.

Bundle Showcase With Canvus For Greater Engagement

Pair Decca with MultiTaction’s software solutions