Immerse your visitors with an interactive experience that can make exhibits come to life

Key Benefits

Its all about the content

Appeal to a broad age and culture range whilst giving visitors the illusion that they are interacting purely with content rather than technology.

Custom applications

A major benefit of the MultiTaction proposition is its extensibility through custom development allowing integration of other systems and platforms

Flexible Design

The MultiTaction Solution provides enough flexibility to change the installation without major re-investment keeping the content fresh and interesting.

Engage the visitor on a whole new level

Museums have long been pioneers of advanced audience engagement techniques but more recently there has been increasing value placed on creating a more immersive and interactive experience than that supplied through mere observation.  There is always continued pressure on government investment and the need for each property to generate its own revenue.  Museums are also experiencing a change in their demographic with the growth of international cultural tourism, ageing populations and Millennial’s coming of age.  The impact is that Museum’s need to change installations more frequently, embrace a more diverse visitor profile and leverage their collection investments.  

The MultiTaction Solution offers many answers to these challenges by providing the most responsive and engaging experience available today.  There is a reason why so many museums turn to the MultiTaction platform as a way to engage visitors.  The latest software components of the solution also enable significant flexibilityand extensibility which means that installations can leverage collection assets far beyond what the physical space would allow as well as connecting other sources and applications.


A new experience

The museum experience is uniquely suited to MultiTaction applications, which engage visitors in an interactive dialogue with the themes and stories featured. Present new information and perspectives on life, and create new worlds with multitaction and custom applications that make exhibits come alive in new ways, especially through augmented reality and interaction to real life objects.

Digitally representing collections and exhibits

The Mob Museum (National Museum of Organized Crime and Law Enforcement in Las Vegas) installation enables museum visitors to visualize the connections between mob bosses and casinos by placing markers on two side-by-side HD tables that call up images, video, and text related to crime gangs and law enforcement figures.


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