The ultimate interactive experience

MultiTaction is a leading developer of advanced visualization and collaboration software.

We create solutions that allow agile teams to connect in real-time, share ideas and solve business problems using live data. Bring your touch screens to life with the ultimate interactive experience from MultiTaction.

Key Features

Hardware agnostic

Although there are many advantages to running MultiTaction software on MultiTaction hardware, our software is compatible with most touch screen displays and video walls that meet the minimum technical requirements, including the Microsoft Surface Hub™, and CISCO Spark™.

IR Pen Support

You can draw or write on MultiTaction hardware using our IR pen; third party IR pens are also supported. When running MultiTaction software on third party hardware, IR pen support must be available, for this feature to function.

Walk-up interactivity

No training necessary. If you can use a flip chart, you can use MultiTaction software. It’s that easy.

Where’s your data?

MultiTaction collaboration systems are location agnostic, and offer complete flexibility. Whether your data is on premises, in the cloud, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered.

MS Office Support

Any office document can be opened and operated in the window as if working on a regular PC. Just like any other content, snapshots can be taken, annotated and shared.

Applications & Solutions

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