Image: iEXCEL, Davis Global Center, University of Nebraska Medical Center

Unlimited touch, limitless possibilities

Transform the way your business operates and ignite engagement to move beyond the status quo. MultiTaction engineers have created the most intelligent touch surface in the industry, ClearSight touch.

Available only on MultiTaction displays, ClearSight’s capabilities allow for unlimited, simultaneous touches from fingers, hands, pens and Codice 2D markers. Since touch technology is incorporated into each display, you have the freedom to create curves, right-angles or other creative orientations without sacrificing tablet-like responsiveness.  That is a unique set of capabilities no one else can match.

Key Features

Immediate response

MultiTaction displays have the fastest, most accurate and reliable touch tracking system of any touchscreen on the market. Experience the same responsiveness of personal touch displays like your cell phone or tablet on a much grander scale.

Infinite engagement

MultiTaction displays go beyond multi-touch and give you unlimited touch. Use fingers, infrared pens and object markers simultaneously. One user or 100 users. All will experience the same unmatched touch experience.

Stunning visual

Floating cubes to circular rooms, the unique framework of our displays allows you to construct a wide range of shapes and sizes. Unleash your imagination and create an interactive experience that engages visitors, increases productivity and ignites collaboration.

Personalized experience

MultiTaction Codice (2D object markers) turn anonymous public interactive displays into engaging and immersive personal experiences one can only get with MultiTaction displays.

Intelligent surface

Unlike other touch technologies our displays can see what is touching the display and from what angle, allowing for the most immersive and engaging experience for the user.


Traditional overlay touchscreens require maintenance to ensure proper touch calibration and adjustments. Our display's revolutionary ClearSight system does not require any servicing to keep touches accurate. Simply install and go. Should your video display ever need a service call, servicing can be done while the display is mounted, which can shorten downtime.

MultiTaction’s Superior Touch Technology

There are many interactive displays to choose from these days. Determining what is the best solution to meet your needs often requires an understanding of the differences in touch technologies. Infrared (IR) and Projected Capacitive (P-Cap) are the most widely used in the industry. MultiTaction is the only interactive display manufacturer to offer a competitive alternative, called ClearSight Touch.  Explore the differences in more detail in our Touch Technology Comparison Guide.

ClearSight Touch TECHNOLOGY

Display Configurations and Layouts

As a starting point, here are some sizes and designs that are popular for common touchscreen video walls like meeting rooms, lobby areas and more. Find the perfect layout and design your own video wall with our interactive Video Wall Configurator.


MultiTaction Display

MultiTaction’s 55” full HD LCD displays are each embedded
with MultiTaction’s ClearSight touch engine allowing complete freedom to mount displays in curves, right-angles, or other creative orientations.

Meeting Room

Meeting Room

A 1×3 display layout transforms a smaller room in form and function with a mobile frame housing the PC, sound system and utility drawer.

Interactive Table Display


Users find our tables encourage experimentation and offer interaction that feels more personal. Our displays are specifically engineered with cooling systems and internal optical layers for 24/7 table use.

Innovation Room

Innovation Room

 A 3×3 display is the ideal configuration for a room where users need access to the full display surface for large projects, data visualization and collaboration.

Lobby Wall

Lobby Area

A 3×4 installation is guaranteed to make a lasting impression with visitors and staff alike.  

Curved Wall

Available in a curved wall of up to 24 displays. Designed for maximum visibility on long walls. This gentle curvature extends to 90 degrees, perfect for a corner area.

Let your imagination soar!

Configure your own MultiTaction wall.

Want to visualize different configurations, options, or layouts for your own video wall? With our interactive video wall configurator you can see a rendering of your design, review the specifications and bill of materials, and even request a quote.


We own the Guinness World Record for largest touch screen display with our 25ft tall, 55 display gameboard for the CBS game show, Candy Crush. Do you have an installation that will beat our record?


MultiTaction Hydra is the official appliance for MultiTaction interactive display solutions. It is a powerful, professional, server-class appliance that is specifically designed to easily drive an array of 1 to 48 Full HD MultiTaction displays or third-party displays* as a single, fluid display at native resolution, even under the most demanding circumstances.

MultiTaction Hydra appliances use professional grade components hand-picked and tested by our engineers. The configuration is carefully designed to make sure everything goes together perfectly and you get the best performance on your system.

*To learn more and see specs check out our complete Hydra guide.


MultiTaction believes customers should have a great experience every time they touch the screen. Engineering a consistent user experience includes the framework on which each display is mounted.  MultiTaction’s custom mounts are meticulously designed and manufactured to ensure the installation is not only visually stunning, but easy to configure.

Key Features

Wall Mounts

Machined aluminum parts attached to the display corners. 
3D micro-adjustment screws at the top

To learn more about our mounts contact us.