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This is the perfect solution to showcase rich media content.

The perfect platform to engage and delight

MT Showcase has been designed specifically to ‘show off’ great content but also to make exploring and discovering that content super easy. The platform, popular in museums , universities and retail outlets allows users to directly interact with digital material in a way thats never been possible before. In an age when customer and user experience is a key differentaior, MT Showcase is designed to make people smile. 

Perfect solution for any size

MT Showcase is designed to present different types of media in a highly interactive multi-user setting. Whether it be a wall of screens, or single screen tables.  Due to it's comprehensive customization possibilities, MT Showcase can be modified to have a unique look and content for different occasions.

MT Showcase is an application that is ideal for presenting a wide range of rich media content in an innovative and intuitive way.  To register your interest in becoming a user of showcase please contact us referencing MT Showcase Beta

All organisations spend a significant amount of time creating a wide range of rich assets to tell their story.  This covers everything from branding on the outside to governance on this inside.  Some materials are aimed at clients, some are aimed at employees to educate or guide and some are simply designed to delight.  What all of these scenarios have in common, is the need for someone to first discover the material and then engage with it to get the anticipated experience.  Much of the rich media assets created today end up on the web or very high end printed materials.  However, they all suffer from the same problem – it’s hard to control the final experience.

MT Showcase has been designed specifically to ‘show off’ great content but also to make exploring and discovering that content super easy.  There are two parts to the solution – the Showcase player and the Showcase Editor.  The editor is where the real work takes place as you drag and drop your media content into the structure that you have defined for your showcase.  

See it in action

Take a look at how the Auckland War Memorial Museum are using MT Showcase to engage with visitors

Where does MT Showcase fit?

MT Showcase engagement software is comfortable in a number of different environments. We have placed this solution in Museums, Universities, retail environments and many more. Book a demonstration to see for yourself just how we can help improve interest, footfall and engagement in your space. 

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