MT Showcase

This is the perfect solution to showcase rich media content.

MT Showcase is an application that is ideal for presenting a wide range of rich media content in an innovative and intuitive way.  To register your interest in becoming a user of showcase please contact us referencing MT Showcase Beta

It enables developers to build customized interactive applications that will integrate with the MultiTaction displays making use of their all advanced features.
MT Showcase allows you, for instance:

  • View and zoom high-resolution photos, charts and graphics
  • Watch and enlarge videos – even with 4K resolution
  • Browse broschures or other documents
  • Annotate documents and still images
  • Draw or write using IR pens
  • View vector graphics, such as maps
  • Use optical Codice markers for sending content to the user’s email or showing personalized content on the display

You can present your own content on MT Showcase. Our resellers can also use it for demonstrating the features of MultiTaction technology; MT Showcase is delivered with a range of ready-to-use material for demonstrating the features of MultiTaction displays, such as high-resolution photos, documents and videos.

Perfect solution for any size

MT Showcase runs in all kinds of MultiTaction installations, ranging from single-screen tables to large walls of screens. MT Showcase is designed to present different types of media in a highly interactive multi-user setting. Due to it's comprehensive customization possibilities, MT Showcase can be modified to have a unique look and content for different occasions.

Featured clients

See how we helped IBM and the Toronto Raptors bring data to life.

This is our MT Canvus application running on our hardware with an IBM Watson plugin to make big data accessible and easy to read.


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