MultiTaction Inc

True Collaboration Starts
With A Human Touch

MultiTaction is a leading developer of advanced collaboration and visualization solutions that revolutionize spaces and bring interactivity and collaboration to teams worldwide.

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Collaboration For Modern Work

Whether you are working from a remote desktop or on-premises with our state-of-the-art Decca displays, we enable you to achieve your goals together as a team. All you need to add is the human touch.

Intuitive &
Easy To Use

Familiar touch screen functions: tap, long tap, swipe and pinch


Combining remote and physical workspaces


On-premises servers allows you to actually work real-time with no latency


Data securely saved on your own server on-premises




Our Clients

We partner up and colloborate with innovative companies from all over the world.

What Our Clients Say

  • "What we’ve created is an intuitive and interactive solution that enables the raptors’ management to have access to all aspects of player data in real-time, in a fashion that they can collaborate with each other, and discuss a potential trade scenario or a draft pick, and really help them make those critical decisions."

    - IBM IX
  • "The ability to put so many different sources of data on a video wall and move the windows around, bring them together and compare them to one another. You can do that with a laptop, but you are flipping through multiple screens, versus seeing it in front of you like a newspaper with all the pages open. You can see it all in one glance and then tie it all together. The thought process changes because the data is staring you in the face."

    "We have seen that this kind of collaboration facilitates creativity and decision-making."

    - Flex
  • "Higher education is changing the paradigm of how we teach. Beyond conducting procedural skills, you must have excellent critical thinking and communication skills and work well in teams. It is very hard to learn this range of skills from books, lectures, and PowerPoints alone.”

    - UNMC
  • "You need an army to run some of the other solutions available. They require a lot of technical heavy lifting and aren’t designed to change the experience from day to day, let alone week to week, or month to month. This was one of the clear reasons we selected MultiTaction."

  • To get kids interested in stem, we developed lessons from kindergarten all the way up until eighth grade. We use the pieces of what happens here at levi's stadium as a way to get them interested in these concepts. For example, we'll teach the idea of solar energy and how it's captured and how it's used. We'll teach the concept of the physics of throwing a football, drag and lift, and why you have to throw the ball a little bit harder if the receiver is further down the field. We teach concepts based on geometry. We teach concepts based on math and statistics, and we use all of the tools at our disposal to make sure that kids walk out of here with a fire lit for stem.

    - San Francisco 49ers Museum