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Need help or support with your MultiTaction product? Our team is standing by so either fill in the form below or give us a call on +44 20 3633 4000 (EMEA / APAC) or +1 888 716 8584 (Americas)

Have an issue with your MultiTaction product? We are very sorry to hear that if its the case. We do everything to make sure that the product we deliver holds up to your expectations. We have a talented team standing by ready to answer your query and get it resolved as quickly as possible for you.

About MultiTaction support

From troubleshooting PC and application configurations to solving performance issues and advising on networking aspects, our professional support will be happy to help you with any problems, and will do their very best to ensure our devices meet your requirements. You can call our support line on: +44 20 3633 4000 (EMEA/APAC) or +1 888 716 8584 (Americas)

Assembly, installation, training and maintenance

Support Services professional support  If required our engineers can help with the installation of any solution that you purchase from us ensuring the best possible performance even in the most demanding conditions.  We can also train your staff in the proper operation of the system.

Technical support and spare parts

MultiTaction technical support will help in all questions related to technical issues. Whether your question is about the machine’s programming or mechanical functioning, our staff will be happy to assist you. 

Applications and documentation

MultiTaction application software and their manuals can be downloaded from our applications site, at

Touchscreen documentation

Manuals and other documentation are at our hardware documentation site, at

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