MultiTaction Delivers Personalized Experiences

Museums have long been pioneers of advanced audience engagement techniques but more recently there has been increasing value placed on creating a more immersive and interactive experience than that supplied through mere observation.

Museums are also experiencing a change in their demographic with the growth of international cultural tourism, ageing populations and Millennial’s coming of age.

In an effort to compete with upscale movie theaters, museums are increasingly incorporating dynamic and immersive applications.

The Exploratorium Makes It Interactive

Exploring content at the Exploratorium is super easy. Anyone from age 7 to 67 can walk up and start interacting with the exhibit, without any training at all. And it’s big enough for visitors to have a social experience. Everyone can gather around and easily share what they are seeing.

The 49ers Museum Educates AND Entertains

At the 49er’s Museum, students learn how STEM is tied to everything around them, including the wonderful game of football. After learning about the physics of throwing a football, and the geometry behind designing a football, students then design, build and test their own football. A memorable hands-on experience!

Australian War Museum Delivers An Immersive Experience

The exhibit features over two hours of video, more than 70 paintings and roughly 100 separate stories that give the visitors an immersive and interactive historical experience.

To get kids interested in STEM, we developed lessons from kindergarten all the way up until eighth grade. We use the pieces of what happens here at Levi's Stadium as a way to get them interested in these concepts. For example, we'll teach the idea of solar energy and how it's captured and how it's used. We'll teach the concept of the physics of throwing a football, drag and lift, and why you have to throw the ball a little bit harder if the receiver is further down the field. We teach concepts based on geometry. We teach concepts based on math and statistics, and we use all of the tools at our disposal to make sure that kids walk out of here with a fire lit for STEM.

— San Francisco 49ers Museum

The MultiTaction Interactive Exhibit at The Museum of Stone, in Saint Petersburg, Russia