Use MultiTaction Solutions to get a handle on Big Data, increase productivity and promote collaboration.

Accelerating decisions with MultiTaction

Delight employees & entertain visitors Designed for the larger meeting room that contains a large table, the board room solution includes two rows of three MT Cells in landscape mode.  This format maximises the touch space whilst maintaining full visibility whilst seated at a board room style table. Our Board Room Solution is an interactive multi-touch video wall targeted to large meeting rooms, executive briefing centres or semi-public spaces such as training facilities. It consists of a 6 panel horizontal display in 2 rows of 3. Designed for continuous use, it's a robust, turn-key solution that sets a new standard for interactive walls

Big Data

Big data represents one of the biggest challenges and one of the greatest opportunities, use Multitaction technology to deliver actionable insight.


MultiTaction solutions address the key areas of education, socialisation and collaboration, the key ingredients of highly productive environments.


Collaboration delivers better insights and group think out-performs individual contributions to complex business problems and innovation sessions.

Collaboration made easy

It sounds simple but the primary reason organisations cannot derive value from big data is that the right people cannot see it.  Backend data scientists are not going to solve a key business problem –that comes from putting the right information in front of the process owners themselves.  One MultiTaction client has 14 systems that comprise a supply-chain process.  We deployed an advanced visualisation system comprising MT Canvus on a curved MultiTaction iWall and for the first time they could see all 14 systems on a single large interactive video wall. 

How many times have you sat in a room where the walls are covered either in sticky notes or flip chart paper? Someone then gets the short straw in taking pictures of all the output and putting it into a slide deck.  The problem is that everyone walks away from the meeting feeling good about the discussion but it is very rare to find any kind of actionable outcome you could point to. This is because there is a break in the ideation process and everyone looses momentum as well as the ability to see the big picture.

There is another way to do this.  Imagine if there was a technology solution that allowed non-technologists, like designers or business specialists to annotate their input directly into a digital tool which could be shared without having to translate back and forth through printouts.  Such a solution does exist, its called the MT Canvus


Making collaboration simple

You can contribute content from any type of device, or write directly on the wall with an infrared pen and capture the whole process on a digital canvas.  The canvas can be stored away and shared or bought back for continued development. 

Photography courtesy of Conduit Studios

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