MT Canvus

Designed to naturally enhance the way teams work together. With MT Canvus teams can visualize big data, socialize ideas, educate clients and work collaboratively

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With Mt Canvus from MultiTaction, teams get better results when the work together. It will always be the most productive part of the working day. Giving employees the opportunity to brainstorm, create and share ideas on the unlimited MultiTaction Canvus space. Using our unique collaboration tool is as natural as using a traditional whiteboard as our market leading technology can pick up any number of fingers, pens or objects at any one time. Create, save and share your MT Canvus content with whoever you want.

MT Canvus in focus

Find out the benefits and see MT Canvus in action

MultiTaction Canvus is designed to help organizations visualize big data, socialize ideas, educate clients and work collaboratively. When working on projects  with numerous team members, Multitaction Canvus accelerates timelines, as idea to final product can be easily captured and shared among the entire team for greater productivity overall.

Planning, researching and decision-making processes are accelerated as employees can work more closely with clients to develop new ideas on business projects. To support collaborative working, interactive technology provides an impressive digital display that allows users to interact by using fingers, infrared (IR) pens and other everyday objects. MT Canvus from MultiTaction enables companies to embrace the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trendby sharing content onto the interactive walls. With seamless integration acrossPCs, smart devices and the interactive displays, users can easily save and access the content at any time.

Additionally, with MultiTaction Codice technology in place, MT Canvus users can receive their own unique Codice ID to store and access content.

Infinite Canvus

The working canvus is both infinite and scalable which caters for very large amounts of content and input both directly through note creation, pen annotation or remote devices. We make collaboration with your team easy, you can view as much or as little of your canvus project at any time and even split the canvus into seperate workspaces.

Built for collaboration

Improve collaboration, socialize ideas and educate employees and clients. MT Canvus is designed to improve productivity and accelerate business processes as employees can work together with teams and clients to develop and circulate new ideas.

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