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The incorporation of MultiTaction’s technology was a natural fit as it allows our participants to step away from outdated office space technologies, like whiteboards and projectors, to instead interact with an intuitive display system. They are quickly drawn to the highly personalized experience the system offers and walk away feeling re-energized about business processes

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How customers are benefitting

Collaboration made easy

Planning, researching and decision-making processes are accelerated as employees can work more closely with clients to develop new ideas on business projects.

Easily visualise big data

The ability to bring together multiple data streams into one place to see the bigger picture. Our software gives you the platform to turn data into actionable results.

Built for touch technology

We are unique in that we began as a pioneer in multitouch technology and have gone on to build and develop innovative software products build exclusively for touch.

Multiple data streams together

With an unlimited workspace and unlimited number of data feeds from any source, our software provides the ultimate place to visualise, learn and act upon the data you have available all in the same space.

Increase in productivity

Our software is sure to shorten deadlines and improve efficiency. Say goodbye to loosing sticky notes or accidentally ripping a flipchart. Say hello to a productive, engaged team who can show results.

Personalised content

If there is 5 of you, 500 of you or 5000 of you, our applications can support true personalised content for anyone that interacts with it. Using our MT Codice anyone can create, save, collaborate and edit work whenever they like.

Experience the future of work

We feel that getting hands on with our products is the only way to truly understand the unparalleled benefits that our technology offers.

Featured clients

Collaboration in Paris

Making the experience centre of attention

A warm and interactive welcome

See how we helped IBM and the Toronto Raptors bring data to life.

This is our MT Canvus application running on our hardware with an IBM Watson plugin to make big data accessible and easy to read.


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