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MultiTaction UTB is the world’s first and only multi touch interactive display with an ultra-thin bezel LCD. Modular and stackable, MultiTaction Ultra Thin Bezel displays are ideal for building huge near seamless interactive installations of any form and size. Use the MT cell to design and build your perfect set-up.

Our displays are the most advanced multi touch interactive displays available. They detect simultaneously an unlimited number of fingers, hands, IR pens and real life objects. MultiTaction displays’ computer vision touch tracking is an ultrafast 200 fps. Displays are frameless and without extra layers on the display that would reduce the image quality.

Intended for demanding public installations in corporate and retail space, education, museums, and exhibitions, MultiTaction displays boast advanced interactive features. Full networking capabilities allow for cloud applications and social network integration as well as remote management and monitoring.


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BeautyTouch is a 360 degree solution to interactive retail marketing for innovative brands looking to give their customers an exciting in-store experience every time.

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