On the Road to ISE with Ari Rahkonen

On the Road to ISE, with Ari Rahkonen
On the Road to ISE with Ari Rahkonen
On the Road to ISE with Ari Rahkonen

Welcome to our final installment of On the Road to ISE, where we talk with MultiTaction employees about top tech trends for 2020, and what they are looking forward to seeing at ISE 2020.

This week, we are excited to speak with our CEO, Ari Rahkonen.

What makes ISE a show MultiTaction chooses to attend?

ISE is a unique event where the whole industry meets. This show connects the international ecosystems together. For MultiTaction, this gives us an opportunity to show the latest features and functions to a targeted audience. It also enables partner meetings and offer the possibility to explore the latest technology in the market, all under the same roof.

What industry trends do you see making the biggest impact in 2020?

I see growing demand for MultiTaction’s advanced visualization solutions in several markets. Large international companies are looking for solutions to improve collaboration between teams and across borders. They also have a growing need to excite their customers utilizing technology and content, which is fueling demand for Customer Experience Centers, and interactive Lobby solutions.

Higher Education institutions are transforming the teaching and learning experience. Universities are actively seeking new ways to leverage digital content to enable activities, such as problem solving within teams. Smart content on video wall, VR and AR all provide new dimensions for students to create and learn, with a twist of having fun.

Security will be growing in importance in many industries. We will see more Control Centers in all kinds of property management scenarios, manufacturing plants, financial institutions and government properties. Instead of just reactively monitoring activities, companies are starting to using AI to proactively build various threat scenarios. Touch video walls provide a great platform to mitigate these risks in real time.

When visitors come to the booth, what is the key takeaway you want them to remember when they think about MultiTaction?

MultiTaction provides a unique experience for anybody that spends few minutes at the booth exploring the great content that we have developed for our touch video walls.

The unmatched responsiveness of MultiTaction multi-touch displays are what our visitors will remember most! As well as the limitless opportunities to create, search and share content. This is where we differentiate from our competition.

What are you looking forward most to see at ISE this year?

LED technologies continue to evolve, and I am looking forward to seeing what the LED manufacturers will be showing at ISE.

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On the Road to ISE with Ari Rahkonen

On the Road to ISE 2020

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