MultiTaction Codice Cards Connect the Physical World with the Digital World

codice cards

What is object recognition for touch screens?


Object recognition is not a new concept. Similar to a POS system that can pick up information on a barcode, MultiTaction’s multi-touch displays can process information from 2D codes printed on codice cards.

Lego codice The codice markers can be printed onto everyday objects such as ID cards, tickets or loyalty cards. They can also be put onto products, so that when the object is placed against our multi-touch display, a unique menu of information is activated.

Unlike most touch technologies, the MultiTaction iWall can see what is touching the display through the glass. As soon as a card has been detected by the touchscreen a menu pops up, which will enable a personalized and interactive experience like none other.

At a time when it is increasingly difficult to capture and hold attention, the iWall delivers a memorable experience that stands out in people’s minds.

MultiTaction codice cards

James Copello, Head of Global Audio Visual Services at Aruba Networks explains how the company uses MultiTaction codice cards in their Executive Briefing Center to create personalized experiences for visitors to their offices.

We have these props that we will buy, or we will make, and we attach the codice cards to the object. We look for objects that are a good fit to hold in your hand, around the size of a hockey puck. When placed against the MultiTaction wall, it creates a unique digital experience for each visitor.

When Ford came for a visit, we went and found model replicas of the Ford GT40. We attached a codice card on the bottom of each car and placed them all over the conference table where the briefing was taking place. The customer walks in and was immediately curious about the model cars. The first question was the purpose of the cards, what do they do?

When the meeting broke, we asked them all to grab their GT40. Each person put their card against the iWall and it launched a unique set of content for each participant. It created a really fun layer of interaction and a unique experience. And they were all able to use the wall at the same time because of the multi-touch capabilities. They didn’t have to go one at a time – and this really does enhance the experience.

More times than not, we go on YouTube, or our visitors’ website or social feeds and see what content is available. We’ll take videos, images, case studies, or whatever looks cool from their own website, and attach a content menu via the codice card, attached to a prop that they can walk up and place on the wall to see whatever that content is.

We have found it shockingly powerful to show clients their own content on the iWall – they interact with their content in a way they never have before. This has nothing to do with Aruba, but we have enabled that experience.

“From an experience standpoint, the codice cards have been one of the biggest hits in our Executive Briefing Center.” James Copello, Aruba Networks