MultiTaction Delivers Immersive Experiences in Executive Briefing Centers

Is it time to transform your old, stale customer meeting? Take it from the back office to an Executive Briefing Center that enables an interactive experience.

Over the last few years, the trend to open office spaces has made Executive Briefing Centers more popular than ever before. First-generation Executive Briefing Centers were used more for presentations, but this is changing with increased adoption of interactive technology.

The latest EBCs are being used by leading brands to create 360 degree environments that deliver immersive experiences to visitors. Interactive technology is a fundamental element of a branded environment, and is a top consideration when designing these spaces.

Create an Experience

Experiential marketing is a growing trend which involves marketing through experiences that engage customers and create an emotional connection.

The experience begins when visitors first arrive at the facility, and is carried throughout the event. Organizations that embrace experiential marketing for their Executive Briefing Centers can differentiate from their competitors and gain competitive advantage.

Make it Interactive

An interactive video wall will get your visitors literally out of their seats and up at the wall!

If visitors get involved and actively participate in the experience, it is much more memorable versus passively watching a PowerPoint presentation.

The MultiTaction wall is versatile enough that multiple visitors can use the wall at the same time, which makes it easier to share the experience, rather than waiting to take their turn.

Customization is Key

The real driver behind experiential marketing is customization, because you don’t want all your visitors to have the same experience. When a customer or prospect visits your office, it is an opportunity to deliver immersive experiences that makes a lasting impression.



MultiTaction Makes it Easy to Create Customized Content

Say goodbye to expensive developers and costly professional services for content creation!

Say hello to MultiTaction’s unique web-based editor that makes live updates possible!

With MultiTaction software you can make immediate changes to displays in real-time. This makes it easy for the marketing department prepare customized rich media assets for engaging with clients.


“Other systems take a small army to operate, but MultiTaction is so easy that our marketing department can use it without special assistance from the IT department. Once we curate the content and put it in the right format, it takes about five minutes to create the codice cards. We try to keep it as simple as possible because our content changes on a daily basis. We don’t have an on-site developer to carry out any tasks, we don’t have that luxury, but the Showcase software is so easy that we don’t need one.”

James Copello, Aruba Networks