Aruba Delivers Customized Experiences with MultiTaction

Aruba delivers customized experiences

Aruba Networks, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, is a leading supplier of wireless network solutions for businesses and enterprises worldwide.

Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Aruba designs and builds the technology which powers the mobile-first workplace.

Aruba is changing the way the world works, and wanted to develop an Executive Briefing Center that enables customers to easily discover and engage with the key benefits of the company’s many solutions.

“We wanted an interactive piece of technology that enabled people to immediately explore and connect with different aspects of our brand and truly understand our story.” James Copello, Head of Global Audio Visual Services, Aruba Networks.

The Challenge

The Aruba team was looking for something special; an interactive video wall that could deliver a compelling, memorable and customized experience. Additionally, as the video wall would be the focal point of the briefing center it also needed to be versatile enough that multiple visitors can use the wall at the same time.

The Aruba Executive Briefing Center team had the following key requirements for their overall solution:

  • The solution must offer the ability to create customized content that showcases marketing information and other rich assets.
  • The software must be easily operated by the marketing staff at the Executive Briefing Center, and not require a specialized developer to make updates to content.
  • The video wall must have multi-touch functionality so multiple visitors can use the wall at the same time.
  • The video wall must be capable of object recognition.


The Solution

The 2 X 2 video wall is made up of four MultiTaction displays, and powered by two MultiTaction software platforms – Canvus and Showcase. The solution allows users to interact with content on the screen simultaneously, using fingers, hands, objects, cards or pens.

The Aruba Executive Briefing Center project team looked at a number of software providers and chose MultiTaction because of its flexibility and the ease of use for creating customized, interactive, multimedia experiences.

“You need an army to run some of the other solutions available. They require a lot of technical heavy lifting, and aren’t designed to change the experience from day to day, let alone week to week, or month to month. This was one of the clear reasons we selected MultiTaction,” according to Copello.

MultiTaction’s unique web-based editor makes live updates possible, allowing for immediate changes to displays in real time without any special assistance required from IT. This makes it easy for the marketing department prepare rich media assets for engaging with clients.

The Results

Ahead of individual tours, the Aruba team uses the Showcase editor to create experiential presentations using videos, images, websites and visualizations.

“Every screen in the space is 100 percent easily customizable, and we can tweak content on the fly,” Copello reports. “If we have customer A coming in, every screen is tailored to Customer A, and if customer B is coming behind them, they get an equally customized experience.”

This is the part of the Aruba experience which elicits the strongest reactions from customers.

“When you put the codice card up against the wall, a little round menu pops up, and you can go where you want from there. Each person picks which content they want to explore, so each person has a completely customized experience.”

“One of the best outcomes is the flexibility of the space. It’s so easily configurable that we no longer have to just throw people in a meeting room for 8 hours and show them a PowerPoint,” Copello concludes.