Bayhealth Hospital Lobby Comes to Life with Interactive Storytelling by Relative Scale

Bayhealth Hospital Lobby

Activating a hospital lobby with interactive storytelling

Bayhealth is Southern Delaware’s leading healthcare provider, offering a broad range of medical services related to cardiovascular, cancer, pediatrics, respiratory care, and more. Bayhealth Milford Memorial Hospital, a cornerstone of Delaware healthcare for nearly a century, recently closed its doors so that a new chapter could begin with the state-of-the-art Bayhealth Hospital, Sussex Campus.

Relative Scale was tasked with creating a six-screen interactive videowall in the new Bayhealth Hospital lobby, that welcomes visitors and engages them with stories, physician profiles, and hospital directory information.

Watch the video: Bayhealth Hospital Lobby Comes to Life with Interactive Storytelling

The Welcome to Bayhealth media experience complements the coastal-inspired architecture and interior design of the hospital. An abstract, three-dimensional oceanic motif extends across the interactive canvas, and guests tap on different types and colors of shells to discover new content.

The media experience is designed to serve a broad audience including patients, their family members and loved ones, and Bayhealth Hospital staff.

The content on the MultiTaction 6 x 1 interactive video wall features curated stories about the hospital’s rich history, its many satisfied patients, philanthropic donors, and award-winning team members.

Guests can also search the directory to find a physician, watch short profile videos about them, and learn where they practice. And in recognition of the hospital’s ongoing spirit of compassion, guests can use their finger to draw a heart that dynamically blends into the motif, leaving their own mark on the media.

The application is supported by a Content Management System (CMS) that also features an analytics module to help administrators track media engagement.

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