Announcing MultiTaction XNB Display

Today, MultiTaction, a Leading Provider of Advanced Visualization and Collaboration Solutions, Announces the World’s Best High- Performance Multitouch Display.

This is MT556XNB, the new standard for interactive video walls.

HELSINKI, Sept. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — “I am truly excited to announce this new eXtremely Narrow Bezel (XNB) 55″ display,” said Paul Greenfield, Chairman, MultiTaction. “Our typical customers are now deploying MultiTaction displays, with our collaboration and presentation software, in large iWall configurations that are used for many hours a day. In these customer-facing environments, XNB leads the field with its optically-bonded Corning Gorilla glass and anti-glare treatment. The contrast, especially in high ambient light situations is stunning with better image clarity and brightness. We are using a new generation of LEDs that give much higher efficiency, better color uniformity and minimum brightness fall-off in the edges.”

The MultiTaction XNB display features a 1.9mm bezel, brightness of 700 nits and an anti-glare treatment that reduces friction between the glass and the fingers – which means fingers don’t “stick” to the glass. It is also operating at a lower temperature, which makes it much more comfortable to use over extended periods of time. The ultra-responsive multi touch experience makes the user feel like they are only touching the content not technology. Additionally, XNB’s intelligent multi touch surface can respond to fingers, hands, infrared pens or 2D codes for unique interactivity.

Click here to see our XNB video.

MultiTaction integration partners will also find that the mounting design of the XNB display gives them greater opportunity for the low-noise, low-heat designs that are typically being specified for elaborate Customer Engagement centers – e.g. XNB can be mounted flush against a wall. Also, because of the low power requirements, a greater number of XNBs can be connected to the same power phase. The unlimited multi touch points per display and unlimited stacking provides a solution that AV integrators can scale to any client requirement.


XNB features a unique set of capabilities:

MT STACK SYSTEM: A unique framework that allows iWalls to be constructed in all sorts of shapes and sizes based around XNB. Everything from floating cubes to almost completely circular rooms have been delivered.

CLEARSIGHT TOUCH: Unlike most touch technologies, the MultiTaction XNB can see what is touching the display through the glass. This allows for a more immersive experience.

MT CODICE: A 2D barcode that can be read by the XNB display surface. The MultiTaction software can react to the code making it possible to customize the application behaviour or content to an individual or product.

UNLIMITED TOUCH: Truly unlimited usage by hands, Infrared Pens and 2D barcodes.

MT CORNERSTONE: A software development kit that allows partners and clients to build their own customised plug-ins and applications for the MultiTaction XNB based iWalls.

MT SHOWCASE: The perfect software to engage visitors with touchscreens and interactive video walls.

MT CANVUS: A family of software products that help organisations visualise big data, socialise ideas, educate clients and work collaboratively.

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About MultiTaction

MultiTaction designs advanced visualization and collaboration solutions to improve the way the world works. Its award winning 3D optical recognition multi-touch displays, and innovative software suite are used by some of the world’s largest corporations, museums, educational institutions and entertainment companies. With solutions deployed in over 50 countries and offices across the United States, Asia and Europe, MultiTaction is a global business celebrating 10 years of growth and success in 2018.