Executive Boardrooms

Turn Data Into Actionable Insights With Adcanced Visualization

A MultiTaction interactive video wall allows you to see the big picture of your business on a single surface.


Tap Into The Power Of Data With MultiTaction

MultiTaction solutions take big data from the analysts in the back room to business leaders in executive boardrooms.

According to Forrester, enterprises that are focused on leveraging data analytics for business insights are twice as likely to be market leaders within their industries. These organizations understand that in order to realize the promise of Big Data, you must be able to touch the data, interact with it, and add value through ideation and collaboration. 

A big shift in business intelligence and analytics is in the focus on the user experience. Users in executive boardrooms are demanding the ability to interact with the data and perform advanced analytics without requiring them to be data scientists.

A large scale interactive video wall from MultiTaction is the best way to see your business in its entirety, which means better business decisions.

How Do I Transform Big Data Into Business Intelligence?

As the volume of available data grows, and our high-speed access to that data increases, the window through which we must interpret the data and seek insight is getting ever shorter.

A recent Gartner report says that investment in Big Data is up, but that the focus has shifted from Big Data itself, to the specific business problems it can solve.

Our ability to manipulate data to gain insights is significantly reduced if we are unable to properly visualize the data. MultiTaction gives enterprises a robust tool to visualize data in interactive and meaningful ways.

Without visualization the ability to transform big data into business intelligence becomes an impossible exercise. You wouldn’t try to analyse Big Data on your smart watch, that’s like looking the wrong way down a telescope!

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