Ignite engagement

A cutting-edge interactive display is within your reach. MultiTaction’s Ultra Narrow Bezel 55″ display is designed for cost-sensitive applications that require great video wall touch experience and moderate brightness. Transform the way your business operates and ignite engagement to move beyond the status quo.

The UNB’s unique elements


Cost sensitive installations don’t have to settle for an average video wall touch experience. With 500 nits of brightness, the UNB is perfect for most general use installations such as executive briefings centers and conference rooms.


The UNB display features a tempered 4mm low iron glass resulting in excellent visual quality, contrast, resolution, and touch ergonomics. Users will find interacting with the UNB to be a familiar experience to what they have experienced with smaller touchscreens.


The ultra-narrow 3.5 mm bezel makes it easy to create stunning installations of all sizes and shapes, including curved and angular walls, which no other touch video wall can offer. With the UNB you can expand your capabilities, not your budget.


The UNB uses only 400W of power and features a low surge current, which puts less stress on the power grids and fuses. It also takes less energy to run than previous models, which can reduce your power bill and carbon footprint.

Key Benefits of

iWall displays from MultiTaction

Customer transactions can be recorded in order to provide the content owner with a real-time view of their clients’ interests. For instance

Fastest, most accurate and more reliable touch tracking system than any other touchscreen on the market.

Unlimited touch points via fingers, infrared pens and 2D barcodes simultaneously.

Unique framework allows walls to be construct in a wide range of shapes and sizes including curves and right angles.

Show, play, send and receive personalized and exclusive content using MultiTaction’s Codice Markers.

Viewing content from every angle is easy thanks to the intelligent surface design of MultiTaction displays.

The UNB is the perfect platform to pair with MultiTaction’s software offerings.

See our UNB touchscreen in action!