Software products from MultiTouch

MultiTouch software solutions help you to gain better business results from the whole life cycle of the interactive installations. They are your tools from development to operation and create and run more complex and more interactive on display installations.


Cornerstone 2 SDK

MultiTouch Cornerstone® is a software toolkit for creating bespoke applications for multi-touch displays. The new Cornerstone 2 is designed to scale to ultra high resolutions and support all of the advanced tracking features of MultiTaction Cells. Javascript support makes it easy for any developer to use the toolkit. Cornerstone 2 SDK is now free to download and use on MultiTaction Cells.

For the first time, Cornerstone 2 SDK also works with third party touch displays using TUIO or Windows Touch.

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Site Manager

MultiTaction® Site Manager brings the management of interactive displays to the desktop of system integrators, IT managers and content providers, including:

  • Setting up and configuring displays individually or as multi-display video walls or tables
  • Monitoring the status of every display in the network
  • Managing the content and applications in real-time on each display or as a group

With MultiTaction® Site Manager, interactive displays are transformed to a remotely manageable IT system. This eliminates the need for most on-site tasks and results to considerable cost savings.

Reporting the status of each display within the network in real-time allows immediate responses to system changes and improved end user satisfaction.

The application also allows content providers to remotely manage the applications and the information that appears on thousands of displays, guaranteeing the immediacy and the effective use of digital signage and other content delivery.

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MultiTaction® Codice turns anonymous public interactive displays into personal, two way tools that benefit the user and the content owner. Codice markers can be printed on any every day object such as ID cards, trade show badges, season tickets, or loyalty cards to enable users to identify themselves just by placing the object on the display. Codice marker code can be associated with any personal information such as name, email address and phone number to be used with a variety of applications ranging from loyalty applications to corporate use in events and marketing.

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