Cornerstone 2 SDK

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MultiTaction Cornerstone is a software development toolkit for creating bespoke applications for MultiTaction displays. It is designed for creating applications that scale to ultrahigh resolutions and support any number of simultaneous users. For applications using advanced tracking features such as object recognition or pen use, Cornerstone is unique in the market.

MT Canvus

MT Canvus

The MT Canvus family of software products has been designed to help organizations visualize big data, socialize ideas, educate clients and work collaboratively. MT Canvus enables companies to embrace smart devices by sharing content onto the interactive walls and bringing project timelines and team creativity to life.


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MultiTaction Experience is an application for presenting a wide range of rich media content in an innovative and intuitive way. It enables developers to build customized interactive applications that will integrate with the MultiTaction displays making use of their all advanced features.


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MultiTaction Codice is software using optical markers and objects for recognizing individual users and accessing personalized content. The display recognizes and identifies optical markers using computer vision and object recognition algorithms. The Codice optical marker is somewhat similar to a QR code, which is basically a more developed version of a traditional bar code.

Site Manager

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MultiTaction Site Manager is a tool enabling the easy management of a large number of interactive displays. System integrators, IT managers and content providers can use it on their desktops. With MultiTaction Site Manager, interactive displays are combined into an easily manageable IT system.