Our multi touch technology is considered the most responsive in the world. There is simply nothing else quite like it.

Technology with unique capabilities

We design and build the most responsive touch technology around. Our 55 inch touch screen ' MT cells' can pick up and track an unlimited number of fingers, hands, objects, cards or pens at any one time. This is the home of the iWall and building our multi-touch MT Cells is simple. This provides an unparalleled user experience. Our unique hardware design means that we are able to deliver capabilities that can not be found in other forms of multi touch technology. 


The intelligent multi touch surface can respond to fingers, hands, infrared pens or 2D codes for unique interactivity.


Unlimited multi touch points per cell and unlimited cell stacking provides a solution that scales to any need.


The ultra responsive multi touch experience makes the user feel like they are only touching the content not technology.

How it all works

This is how a MultiTaction multi touch MT Cell is constructed. 

What's underneath

  • Front glass (tempered, hardened, bonded)
  • TFT LCD panel
  • Diffusion layer
  • Active Infrared Illumination
  • Camera Field of View
  • Integrated Camera Emitter - Camera (IBEC) PC Board

Use with hands, objects, 2D bar codes and IR pens

MultiTaction's multi touch technology identifies hands rather than points of contact only. This allows the client to implement a richer set of interactions. It also allows the client to track multiple users even if they interact close to or reach across one another.

With Enriched Reality™ technology, MultiTaction displays are able to detect every object and 2D bar code that interacts with or is placed on the system.

MultiTaction IR Pen support enables users to write, draw, sketch, and brainstorm designs and words on MultiTaction displays using most IR pens, and to distinguish clearly between pen and touch interactions.

We are combining our leading display technology with our new collaboration software application to support the growing number of personal devices being used in the workplace. As BYOD in business continues to increase, this technology is enabling connectivity and teamwork like never before

Jonathan Priestley

Vice President, MultiTaction

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