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Provide a perfect platform to communicate and share information with broad audiences through an enhanced interactive experience.


The MultiTaction solutions represent the most advanced visualisation technology available for heightened engagement levels.

Enriched Curriculum

We provide a platform where subject assets and specialist systems can be used to deliver an enriched lesson experience.

One joined up experience

Long gone are the days of pure white board and text book sessions.  Now lesson materials are supplied with supplementary digital assets including video, hi-res images, 3D models, specialist computer software and peripherals.  With limited planning time and constrained lesson slots it is difficult to use all of the elements available to deliver a subject in the best way possible.  

The principle advantage that these additional assets provide is far superior retention and enhanced understanding of subject matter.   The MultiTaction MT Canvus solution addresses these needs by providing a mechanism to create pre-configured canvases that contain all the curriculum elements required for the lesson.  

These can be pulled from a central server or displayed from a remote PC, Laptop, tablet or smart device.  Equally any PC based equipment such as a web microscope or specialist applications can be opened within the display canvas.  In addition page markers can be used across an infinite canvas to navigate content in a pre-planned sequence whether that’s a PDF, PowerPoint presentation, video, remote PC, browser session or web application.


Enriched reality that engages students

Attract new students to the university and help the new starters to learn more about their new studies. Turn the uninspiring routines into an engaging and immersive experience.

Inspiring students at Trinity University

As the user places a personality card on the table, the application links it to display-related topics, areas of study, on-campus information and multimedia specific to the card. The table supports multiple cards to show even more information such as interests, activities and academic opportunities at Trinity University.

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