Display your content dynamically, have a very clear point of difference and give your customers an exciting instore experience every time.

A joined up consumer experience

Enhance the shopping experience for consumers, and provide previously inaccessible insight to your brand on the behaviour of retail browsers using embedded data capture filters. Using MultiTaction technology you can help create a closer link between your in-store experience and your web experience where more and more customers are doing product research before a purchase.  For smaller stores with limited floor space its a great way of bringing  the whole collection to a client in an engaging and interactive manner.‚Äč


Using an interactive display solution can help a retail store share broader product lines that they have floor space for or just allow customers to explore products in more detail.

Message Linking

It is increasingly important to align the in-store presence with the brand experience on the web. MultiTaction solutions provide a way to unify the brand experience within the store.


Using the MultiTaction Codice system it is possible to personalise the experience that a client has within the store by directing content to a clients own Coded card.

Our work with retail clients

A shopping experience

In today's world, to remain competitive, you need to offer consumers a shopping experience. Not just a place people go to buy things, after all you can do quite easily online and not have the worry of transport or parking. Our retail customers want to 'wow' consumers, give them something to do instead of just giving them something to buy. Our interactive engagement platform is completely customisable to fit in with your needs. Learn more about our engagement platform

Bring products to life

Allowing customers to interact with your products and content in-store not only increases engagement, but has proven to increase stay time and develop basket size. 

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