Not available off-the-shelf, this is a journey that we take together

One joined up experience

The words unique and wow are often over-used and short lived in the world of technology.  But here at MultiTaction they are often the only words that can sum up what a client is looking for.  Where ROI cannot simply be expressed in financial terms but in emotional responses.  We are proud of the fact that our prestige solutions have been graced by Royalty, Heads of State, Captains of industry and people of all ages from around the globe.  

Some are hidden deep inside Corporations where only very select clients will get to experience them and some are on display for the whole world to enjoy.   What makes these installations unique?  It is the combination of our client’s vision, the flexibility of the MultiTaction platform to create unlimited interactive surfaces and software that ties it all together and delivers the content, directly and literally into the hands of the user.  

A Prestige solution is not available off-the-shelf, it’s a journey that we take together. Anytime you want to start the journey simply contact us, then we will call you because we think that the best ideas start with a conversation.


MultiTaction wins the "Best Video Wall System: MultiTaction Hybrid Wall" award from rAVe Publications, at ISE 2018!