Meeting Room Solution

Bring meetings to life

Designed for the smaller meeting room, this solution has proven to be very popular as an entry point solution for those wanting to get into the MultiTaction solutions.  The solution comprises three multi touch MT Cells in portrait model mounted to a purpose built frame that includes a PC holder on the back, amplifier mounting and speakers along with a drawer for wireless keyboard and mouse.  The frame also includes wheels so that it can be moved from room to room

Unlimited data streams in one place

ur platform provides the ultimate place to visualise, learn and act upon the data you have available all in the same space from any source on our digital workspace

Increase productivity

The Multitaction collaborative platform is sure to shorten deadlines and improve efficiency. Say goodbye to loosing sticky notes or accidentally ripping a flipchart. Say hello to a productive, engaged team.

Personalised content

If there is 5 of you, 500 of you or 5000 of you, our applications can support true personalised content for anyone that interacts with it. Using our MT Codice anyone can create, save, collaborate and edit work whenever they like.

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Redefining the meeting

Multitaction's MT Canvus collaboration platform is the digital workplace that combines a variety of multimedia content. Whether that be audio, 4K video, web apps, documents and much more. We are redefining the workplace to allow individuals to become teams and help people communicate ideas effectivley. Book your demo today

The solution encourages collaboration

The multitaction MT Canvus platform encourages people to stand up from behind the table and get activiley involved in meeting participation. It's easy, it's intuative and it makes working together a breeze. Users can log on to the platform from around the world, on multiple devices and take part by reviewing and annotating like they were in the room. So matter where your team are, our collaborative platform will get everyone involved. Learn more about the MT Canvus platform

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MultiTaction wins the "Best Video Wall System: MultiTaction Hybrid Wall" award from rAVe Publications, at ISE 2018!