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Long gone are the days of pure white board and text book sessions.  Now lesson materials are supplied with supplementary digital assets including video, hi-res images, 3D models, specialist computer software and peripherals.  With limited planning time and constrained lesson slots it is difficult to use all of the elements available to deliver a subject in the best way possible.


Provide a perfect platform to communicate and share information with broad audiences through an enhanced interactive experience.


The MultiTaction solutions represent the most advanced visualisation technology available for heightened engagement levels.

Enriched Curriculum

We provide a platform where subject assets and specialist systems can be used to deliver an enriched lesson experience.

I have been examining the use of multi-touch tables in classroom settings, examining how this technology influences group interactions and learning, the between group and whole class interactions, and the device ecologies, teacher tools and classroom contexts that influence the learning opportunities available when using these tools

Emma Mercier

UIUC Assistant Professor

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