Bluescape’s state-of-the-art interactive experience opens a new way of thinking, innovating and creating.


MultiTaction recently collaborated with Bluescape, a Silicon Valley-based company that specializes in delivering cloud-based visual collaboration workspaces. The workspaces are used for sharing ideas, plans and documents, bringing incredibly complex projects to market faster, streamlining the decision-making process, and enabling visual collaboration over distributed physical locations. An important element of the Bluescape experience is the MultiTaction display. 

Business users have traditionally used roll up boards and sticky notes for exchanging ideas and sketching. Their downside is that work is easily lost or erased and it’s challenging to share captured ideas between teams in distributed physical locations. Bluescape’s state-of-the-art interactive experience opens a new way of thinking, innovating and creating. An unlimited number of people can create, share and interact with digital content to enable breakthrough ideas and speed up business processes and decisions. 

Revolutionizing the way that people connect across time zones.

MultiTaction interactive displays now support Bluescape’s platform so an unlimited amount of individuals and teams can create, interact with and share content to ignite breakthrough ideas and accelerate business projects and decisions. 

What we did

Our partners use MultiTaction products to enable their solution to run on the most advanced interactive displays in the market. These products include MultiTaction’s powerful interactive touchscreen software. 

MultiTaction products allow our partners to build specific solutions for their customers and provide them with a visually engaging multiuser UI. We provide the tools and our partners transform them into a solution.  MultiTaction believes in advanced human-computer interaction. Our rich sensory channels and ability to interact with real life objects have allowed us to develop a more natural and convenient way to interact with digital content. 

MultiTaction displays support the widest range of input methods combined with unlimited touch points. The high-resolution displays allow several people simultaneously interact with the familiar tap, swipe and pinch gestures. MultiTaction displays can also be used with IR pens designed for writing and drawing. A touch of a pen is distinguished from a touch of a finger. 

Optical markers can be used to identify individual users and access personalized content. By placing an optical marker on a display, a user can quickly present, share and receive personal content resulting to a highly personalized digital signage experience. MultiTaction technology is unique to support this variety of interaction modalities at this size.

When a user writes on the Bluescape wall, the writing is captured and displayed back to the user as if they were writing on a roll up board or a sticky note. MultiTaction’s architecture enables very quick interpretation and display of the writing enabling Bluescape to provide a seamless experience to its users

Demian Entrekin

Bluescape CTO


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