Châteauform City Le Cnit

Châteauform’ City Le Cnit blends work and relaxation together so visitors can reflect and collaborate cohesively.


Jacques Horovitz, founder of Châteauform’, spent a large part of his professional career organizing residential seminars, meetings and corporate functions. The challenge he often faced was finding a venue that could serve as an ideal meeting space. Traditional meeting spaces felt like an extension of the office and visiting employees often found it hard to relax and get to know co-workers outside of the workplace. Finding a place with functional meeting rooms, quality break and dining options, in addition to being conveniently located, was no easy feat. Identifying the need for a cosy, all-inclusive retreat for corporate meetings, Châteauform’ was born. 

Châteauform’ City Le Cnit blends work and relaxation together so visitors can reflect and collaborate cohesively. High-tech innovations are a focus for the Centre of New Industries and Technologies (Cnit) to create a cutting-edge working experience. In keeping with its renowned name, Châteauform’ City Le Cnit needed to incorporate collaborative technology that was both functional and aesthetically-pleasing with the décor of the venue. The technology needed to be advanced enough to support multiple users yet engaging enough to create a one-of-a-kind experience for visitors. 

Take a look at what we did with Châteauform’

Promoting teamwork and encouraging collaboration using MT Canvus and our Innovation room setup. 

What we did


Looking to encourage creativity and promote teamwork among employees, Châteauform’ City Le Cnit incorporated technology from MultiTaction, a leading developer of advanced visualisation solutions. MultiTaction’s technology combines unlimited interaction capabilities with unparalleled responsiveness and scalability. It supports an unlimited number of users simultaneously, which means that guests can easily create, share and interact with digital content on the interactive wall and take brainstorming sessions to new dimensions. 

MultiTaction’s technology can specifically be found in the large Oscar Niemeye meeting room at Châteauform’ City Le Cnit. Inside visitors will find an impressive 13x8 foot (4x2.5 meters) interactive wall, known as the MultiTaction iWall Innovation Room Solution, which is made up of nine 55” MultiTaction Cell displays. The MultiTaction iWall also includes MultiTaction’s collaboration application, MT Canvus. With this in place, users can socialize ideas and educate employees in a highly visual and engaging way. There is also a MultiTaction interactive display table that allows visiting employees to work on a flat interactive surface while moving around this touch- screen. 

The incorporation of MultiTaction’s technology was a natural fit as it allows our participants to step away from outdated office space technologies, like whiteboards and projectors, to instead interact with an intuitive display system. They are quickly drawn to the highly personalized experience the system offers and walk away feeling re-energized about business processes

Anne Fourmy​



MultiTaction wins the "Best Video Wall System: MultiTaction Hybrid Wall" award from rAVe Publications, at ISE 2018!