Its equally as important now as to what happens off the field as well as on it

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The Multitaction MT Canvus platform solution allows non-technologists, like designers or business specialists to annotate their input and share their thoughts and processes with everyone. All without having to translate back and forth through printouts, sticky notes or.  Such a solution does exist, its called the MT Canvus

Big Data

Big data represents one of the biggest challenges in sports, with so much data collected in relation to everything from player performance to spectator insights


MultiTaction solutions address the three key areas of education, socialisation and collaboration, the key ingredients of highly productive environments.


Group thinking out-performs individual contributions to complex business problems, the Multitaction platform encourages collaboration

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Prepare to win

The solution is designed to transform the way in which teams prepare for matches and seasons on the whole. From talent evaluation processes to game by game, match by match performance checks. The platform gives teams the ability to reimagine data through cognitive and analytics technology. Providing a comprehensive package to view, organize and understand relevant data important in evaluating individual and team performance. Learn more about the MT Canvus platform here

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