Innovation Room Solution

Creating ideas has never been more collaborative

Designed for a room where the iWall can be embedded, the innovation room solution is perfect for specialist room use such as collaboration rooms and situation rooms. The beauty is that with our multi-touch screens running easy to use collaboration software then every room should be an innvoation room. A room for innovating. Empowering employees to step away from their desks, stand up from their chair and collaborate with the people around them like never before. It really is the future of work and its now available to you.


If there is 5 of you, 500 of you or 5000 of you, our applications can support true personalised content for anyone that interacts with it. With our MT Codice addition then people can save, edit and bring their content to the wall whenever they like.

More productive

Shorten deadlines, improve efficiency and accelerate processes. Loosing sticky notes or accidentally ripping a flipchart are history. Say hello to a productive, engaged team who can show results.

Rapid ideation

Support truly unlimited multiuser access for content creation or pen based annotation. Because its all digital you don’t have to take photographs, or take things off a wall. The platform encourages long term planning.

Make informed decisions

Change the boring meeting we all know forever. Never rip an flipchart, accidentally wipe a whiteboard and stop sticking bits of paper and post-it notes to walls and windows. Engage, create and save content like never before with MT Canvus and our other software solutions using MultiTaction technology. Discover our collaboration platform, MT Canvus

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