Endless Possibilities to Engage and Inspire

For the huge investment students are making in their education, they quite reasonably expect state-of-the-art learning environments.

MultiTaction solutions provide highly engaging learning experiences that better suit the way the learners of today absorb and apply information.

Colleges and universities are upping their tech game to recruit and retain the digitally savvy students of Gen Y, Gen Z, and beyond.

MultiTaction solutions are used in more than 50 universities around the world, including the US Universities of Columbia and Toledo, UNMC, MIT and Wellesley College, at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia, and Technische Universität Dresden in Europe.

The Cube installation at Queensland University of Technology combines 40 ultra-thin bezel MultiTaction touch displays with a passive projection surface.

The university students use the Cube to test drive new applications, ranging from physics simulations to virtual dive in the Great Barrier Reef.

Provide a social platform

In a lobby or common space, MultiTaction solutions provide a social platform.

Universities utilise the systems to enhance their prestige, boost fundraising and excite prospective students with the latest technologies to assist student recruitment.

At Trinity University, the MultiTaction touch table in the Admissions Office Welcome Center enables students to explore courses and facilities with a range of preprinted codice cards that activate content when placed on the table.

The University of Illinois uses MultiTaction solutions to research touch technology’s influence on group interactions and learning in the school classroom.

At University of Oregon’s Ford Alumni Center in Eugene, MultiTaction solutions serve as a contact and messaging tool, connecting over 200,000 current and past students of the university.

Take Control of the Learning Experience

Audiovisual technology is reshaping the process of teaching and learning in higher education.

As educators look to embrace new pedagogical methods, MultiTaction solutions facilitate both mobile and active learning.

There is a clear shift to collaborative learning. In the classroom, the iWall enables an enriched curriculum, by providing digital learning experiences that encourage the students to interact. In the lecture theatre, the iWall creates an engaging presentation system.

Higher education is changing the paradigm of how we teach.


The iWall is a Powerful Tool for Remote Learning

Distance learning is a top priority for many higher education institutions.

The University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) has a curved iWall running in its new state-of-the-art iEXCEL center. A second iWall in the Scottsbluff satellite campus allows students in both locations to collaborate in real time. Students use advanced visualisation and simulation technology to learn and practise before encountering real patients.

MultiTaction solutions are transforming healthcare education in the same way flight simulation revolutionised aviation.


Trinity University Admissions Office Welcome Center