Accelerating decisions with MultiTaction

Delight employees & entertain visitors Designed for the larger meeting room that contains a large table, the board room solution includes two rows of three MT Cells in landscape mode.

This format maximises the touch space whilst maintaining full visibility whilst seated at a board room style table. Our Board Room Solution is an interactive multi-touch video wall targeted to large meeting rooms, executive briefing centres or semi-public spaces such as training facilities. It consists of a 6 panel horizontal display in 2 rows of 3. Designed for continuous use, it’s a robust, turn-key solution that sets a new standard for interactive walls

Big Data

Big data represents one of the biggest challenges and one of the greatest opportunities, use MultiTaction technology to deliver actionable insight.


MultiTaction solutions address the key areas of education, socialisation and collaboration, the key ingredients of highly productive environments.


Collaboration delivers better insights and group think out-performs individual contributions to complex business problems and innovation sessions.

Some of our installations