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Take a look at research undertaken by MultiTaction and download full case studies to read at your leisure.

Videos and Case Studies

From acclaimed museums to world-renowned sports teams, to fortune 500 companies. MultiTaction solutions are shaping the way the world collaborates and engages with data. Here you can watch a solution in action, or read detailed information on it.

Firmware, Software & Documentation

Follow the link to download firmware, software and technical documentation for MultiTaction Cells, Cornerstone, MT Canvus and MT Showcase. Note: You must register before you can access these resources.


Need some help understanding how to use our brand? Download our handy brand guidelines PDF here. Also download our logos pack. It includes a full colour MultiTaction logo, a black version and a white version.

Our brand guidelines

From colour palette to use of logos

Brand logos pack

Full vectorised, JPG and PNG options


Discover how a combined MultiTaction solution of market-leading hardware and innovative software produce outstanding performance