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The foundation for the world’s best touch video wall starts with the XNB, MultiTaction’s 55” Extreme Narrow Bezel display. Transform the way your business operates and ignite engagement to move beyond the status quo.

The XNB’s unique elements


Boasting a 1.9 mm bezel the XNB makes it easy to create stunning installations of all sizes. Our incredibly accurate corner-mount systems means you have the flexibility to mount the XNB in landscape or portrait, flat or curved, symmetric or angular.


The XNB is designed to stand up to heavy use thanks to its optically bonded gorilla glass with anti-glare treatment with low temperature, matte glass finish. This makes the XNB ideal for public spaces such as lobbies and museums or anywhere multi-touch videos walls are used in high traffic settings.


With its superb touch response, bright display and robust design the XNB can handle the pressure of high use in a demanding environment. From interactive wayfinding in a crowded airport to a high pressure situation room, you can count on the XNB to perform.


The XNB is 25% brighter and has better contrast in high ambient light than standard displays. Lighting can be a challenge in some settings, but the XNB can adapt to a variety of environments without compromising visuals.

Key Benefits of

iWall displays from MultiTaction

Learn more about these features that make MultiTaction the clear leader in interactive touch video walls

Fastest, most accurate and more reliable touch tracking system than any other touchscreen on the market.

Unlimited touch points via fingers, infrared pens and 2D barcodes simultaneously.

Unique framework allows walls to be construct in a wide range of shapes and sizes including curves and right angles.

Show, play, send and receive personalized and exclusive content using MultiTaction’s Codice Markers.

Viewing content from every angle is easy thanks to the intelligent surface design of MultiTaction displays.

The XNB is the perfect platform to pair
with MultiTaction’s software offerings

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