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Intelligent surface diagram aspect
Intelligent surface

Unparalleled touch responsiveness and support for hand, finger, pen and 2D Barcode.

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The three aspects of application for a diagram
Application Software

Takes advantage of the unique capabilities of the MT Cell hardware platform.

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Base Architecture SDK

Extensible plug-in architecture enabling third party development of application connectors.

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Software products

Our software is developed on an extensible plug-in architecture as part of a software development kit so that both clients and partners can either write their own applications or develop plug-ins to extend the use of our in-house applications on our leading multi touch displays.

MT Showcase

MultiTaction Showcase is an application for presenting a wide range of rich media content in an innovative and intuitive way. Enabling developers to make full use of all our advanced features.

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MT Canvus

MultiTaction Canvus allows you to visualise big data, socialise ideas, educate clients and work collaboratively. MT Canvus enables companies to bring project timelines and team creativity to life.

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MT Cornerstone SDK

MultiTaction Cornerstone is a software development toolkit for creating bespoke applications for MultiTaction displays. It is designed for creating applications that scale to ultrahigh resolutions and support any number of simultaneous users.

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MT Codice

MultiTaction Codice is software using optical markers and objects for recognising individual users and accessing personalised content. Thanks to computer vision and object recognition algorithms.

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Hardware products

MultiTaction components can be completely customised but the most common sizes and use cases have been turned into off-the shelf products for clients to purchase.  These include everything you need your multi touch solution up and running including hardware, cables, PC, base software and services in a single package.

Curved iWall

Designed for maximum visibility on long walls. This gentle curvature extends to 90 degrees, perfect for a corner area.

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Board Room

Arranged so that maximum visibility is achieved above meeting table height whilst maintaining a large touch area.

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MT Cell

The heart of all our iWall products. A 55” full HD LCD stackable display with the MultiTaction touch system.

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Meeting Room

Designed for a smaller room with a mobile frame that houses the PC and sound system and utility drawer.

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Innovation Room

Designed for a room with full display surface access for maximum information gathering and collaboration.

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Lobby Area

This system makes a statement before its event turned on. Guaranteed to impress clients and staff alike.

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