This is the new wave of interactive analytics

If we could move effortlessly back and forth between our digital assets and our real-world ambitions and activities, then we could realise the tremendous potential for increasing productivity and creative action-taking. Too often however, we are thwarted and have to stop while we translate from one to the other. The problem is that with assets in so many different formats, we struggle to see the big picture, incur extra costs, and fall behind our competitors. Bridging this digital divide to enable seamless interaction between all of our assets is the key to greater productivity.

Collaboration made easy

Planning, researching and decision-making processes are accelerated as employees can work more closely

Increase in productivity

Our software is sure to shorten deadlines and improve efficiency. Say hello to a more productive, engaged team

Personalised content

If there are 5 of you, 500 of you or 5000 of you, We support true personalised content for everyone

Discover it in action

With an unlimited number of touchpoints and the ability to create a wide variety of content, we make it easy for teams to collaborate

Making teams more productive

Technology must be able to engage, spark meaningful interactions and ensure that teams are able to generate insights that can be used. The future of productivity is not in stilted monologues dictated by one person, but in dialogues where people can combine their talents to enhance everyone’s productivity. Modern offices must evolve with large scale interactive screen solutions that make it possible for teams to collaborate without jumping back and forth across a digital divide.

Teams need to be able to review high definition visuals and data from multiple sources in one place and manipulate and change it without reverting to paper. It’s all about seeing the big picture in real time! Such a solution does exist and it is called the MultiTaction iWall. Sitting behind the ‘intelligent surface’ is the MT Canvus family of software products that help visualize big data, socialize ideas, educate clients and work collaboratively. And providing future-proofing is the MultiTaction Cornerstone toolkit for creating bespoke applications that scale to ultrahigh resolutions and support any number of simultaneous users.

Meetings brought to life

Take a look at our executive boardroom solution where anyone can contribute, no matter the time or place with our global collaboration platform