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Planning, researching and decision-making processes are accelerated as employees can work more closely

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Our software is sure to shorten deadlines and improve efficiency. Say hello to a more productive, engaged team

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If there is 5 of you, 500 of you or 5000 of you, We support true personalised content for everyone

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With an unlimited number of touchpoints and the ability to create a wide variety of content, we make it easy for teams to collaborate

Making teams more productive

According to Gensler (design and architecture firm) the best performing organisations, where employees are the most productive, have successfully managed to create a balance between the need to educate, socialize and collaborate with colleagues. In this knowledge economy information flow is through both employee and client communities is critical.  In recent years, organisations have become better at sharing information however, the vast majority rarely achieve more than a constant monolog that typically fails to engage the recipient.  In the world of big data there is no shortage of output but very little if any opportunity for input.  Just walk into any one of the thousands of corporate lobbies or meeting rooms and you will instantly see the tools of mono-dimensional communication, the large video wall and projector. Learn more about MT Canvus or the MT iWall Family. ​

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