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At the intersection of digital signage and touch presentations, MT Showcase Presentation software engages users to learn more about your company, university or museum exhibits. Beautiful touch interaction, web-based CMS and supreme visual quality guarantee that your visitors will be impressed by your content.

Maximize Visitor Engagement

Customer visitor centers / Customer experience centers

Show your visitors what your company is about and what your products are. Engage them by letting the people view their favorite content for a lasting impression.

Customer visitor centers

Executive briefing centers

Showcase presentations allow you to adjust the story depending on your audience. Highlight the key messages that you want to deliver and grab their attention at the same time.

Executive briefing centers

Corporate lobbies / University lobbies

Add more buzz to your lobby with Showcase. Touch video walls and touch tables create a branded and positive experience that drives a greater visitor satisfaction.

Corporate lobbies


Showcase Presentation software can show more content than you can fit in the exhibition and the content will be presented in an exciting way which boosts the visitor experience.


Unique Capabilities

RICH MEDIA SUPPORT: You can populate your Showcase with your own rich media content. MT Showcase supports various video and image formats as well as browser URLs and PDF files.

TOUCHSCREENS AND VIDEO WALLS: Showcase runs on most touch screen displays and video walls. It is especially optimized to run on MultiTactions market leading Hardware. Showcase includes a high-performance rendering engine, which makes the presentations run smoothly on a single screen or a huge touch wall.

TAILORED STYLE: Apply your own colors, icons, logos, imagery and even video to every facet of your Showcase presentation.

CUSTOM BEHAVIORS: You can decide how people access and interact with your Showcase. Customize how nodes and sub menus launch so that you can generate your own user journey. Add hotspots to launch actions when people touch predefined areas on the screen.

BESPOKE THEMES: Setup saved styles and behaviors that can be applied as you see fit to adapt to different Showcase presentations.

PEN COMPATIBLE: In conjunction with our MT iWall hardware; you can draw or write onto your Showcase using our IR pen. Third party IR pens are also supported.

Quick and Simple Workflow

The online editor lets you easily create your Showcase via a simple drag and drop system that be completely customized to suit your brand. With a library of pre-built widgets and drag&drop content import, your interactive campaign will be ready to go in no time. You have complete control.

While editing the application, the changes are reflected immediately in the running Showcase application. This gives you the quickest iteration loop, achieving more in less time.

Showcase player application includes an extremely powerful interaction/graphics engine. It can play tons of videos, show dozens of websites and display images and PDFs at the same time.


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