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How do you get everyone on the same page with your strategy? How do you communicate your plans? How can you get all stakeholders involved in decision-making? How do you get teams at remote locations – and different time zones – to share the same vision and work together?

Canvus brings decision makers, designers, engineers, clients and people in the field together for different types of meetings.

Regardless of the distance, all users can participate in the same digital workspace, to create the big picture.


Six Challenges that can be solved with MT Canvus

1. Project planning

For complex projects, just bringing all the requirements, materials and people together is hard work. With the shared workspaces in Canvus, you can bring in everybody and plan the projects together.

2. Selling projects or services

For the companies that sell services and projects, creating a plan and sales pitch for each client is daunting. Today, to close a deal, you need to take pictures, videos and other documents from the client and work together with the client to see how the project is going to run. Combining the presentation capabilities of Canvus makes your sessions more interactive and productive. All of this gives more value to your customer, leading to higher conversion rates.

3. Design review

Big design reviews often cause big pain. With people in different locations and different time zones, it is difficult to process all the materials so that everybody can comment. With Canvus this work is dramatically easier. All Canvus users can contribute to the review work. In real-world use, review times have been cut down by over 50%, because of the faster and more simple workflow.

4. Visual data analytics

Understanding data and making decisions that are backed up by data can be a huge problem. Companies typically use several different systems to drive their processes and getting a sensible overview of all those systems is a significant challenge. With interactive visualization of all your data, you can run “what-if” scenarios and improve your processes and or react to changes more quickly.

5. Ideation

New ideas are the fuel of innovative companies. Canvus is a powerful and natural platform for crafting new ideas. Users can bring in their own materials, show ideas from from their own devices and comment on the shared ideas through Canvus.

6. Teaching

Leading universities have realized that good teaching is not just about presenting facts to the students. It is more about engaging the students and getting them to dig into the facts themselves, asking new questions and learning in a deeper way. Canvus is a platform that helps with this transition. Teachers can combine traditional materials with more interactive technology, to bring up the best in their students, whether they are in the same room, or distributed over different locations.

Built for Collaboration

Improve collaboration, socialize ideas and educate employees and clients. Canvus is designed to improve productivity and accelerate business processes as employees can work together with teams and clients to develop and circulate new ideas.

Powerful Problem-Solving Features

VIRTUAL CANVAS. Create a virtual canvas with enormous amounts of space. The virtual canvas combines the simplicity of a traditional whiteboard with the flexibility of the digital medium. Zoom in, to study minute details, then zoom out to get an overview of the digital workspace.

GLOBAL SHARING WITH ZERO LATENCY. With the use of Canvus server, Canvus installations, laptops and desktop PCs can share the same digital canvases anywhere in the world. With our incredibly fast client/server architecture changes in one location are mirrored to other locations instantly.

FLUENT INTERACTION. Behind the scenes, Canvus has the power of a modern graphics engine. This makes all interactions quick and intuitive – no need to wait for the menus to open or the workspace to move.

RICH MEDIA. Embed rich media files – pictures, videos or PDFs into the digital canvases. You can stack the objects together, or use tables to organize data. For making quick sketches or more elaborate plans, Canvus supports annotation with pens. And if you use the superb MultiTaction touchscreens, you can even use erasers, making the whole experience one step more intuitive.

ON-PREMISES SECURITY. For many companies and organizations, the integrity and control of their data have a high priority. With Canvus you can place the server in your company intranet and use VPNs to access the server from anywhere.

JOIN THE DISCUSSION. MT Canvus enables companies to embrace the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend by sharing content onto the interactive walls. With seamless integration across PC, smart devices and the interactive displays, users can easily save and access the content at any time.

FROM VIDEO WALLS TO LAPTOPS. Canvus runs on most touch screen displays, video walls, desktop computers and laptops that have modern graphics drivers. It is especially optimized to run on MultiTactions market leading touch video walls.


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