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Delightful video walls with superb interaction

Technology with unique capabilities

We design and build the most responsive touch technology around. Our 55-inch touch screen ‘MultiTaction cells’ can pick up and track an unlimited number of fingers, hands, objects, cards or pens at any one time. This is the home of the iWall and building our multi-touch MT Cells is simple. This provides an unparalleled user experience. Our unique hardware design means that we are able to deliver capabilities that can not be found in other forms of multi-touch technology.


The intelligent multi touch surface can respond to fingers, hands, infrared pens or 2D codes for unique interactivity.


Unlimited multi touch points per cell and unlimited cell stacking provides a solution that scales to any need.


The ultra responsive multi touch experience makes the user feel like they are only touching the content not technology.

Display Configurations and Layouts

MultiTaction Cell

The heart of all our iWall products is our 55” full HD LCD stackable display with the MultiTaction Clearsight Touch engine. Embed into table, mount on wall or stand alone.

Meeting room

A 1×3 display layout, designed for a smaller room with a mobile frame that houses the PC and sound system and utility drawer.

Executive boardroom

A 2×3 display layout. Arranged so that maximum visibility is achieved above meeting table height whilst maintaining a large touch area to bring meetings to life.

Innovation Room

A 3×3 display iWall. Designed for a room with full display surface access for maximum information gathering and collaboration.

Lobby area

A 3×4 display iWall, This system makes a statement before its event turned on. Guaranteed to impress clients and staff alike.

Curved iWall

Available in a curve of 6 or 12 displays. Designed for maximum visibility on long walls. This gentle curvature extends to 90 degrees, perfect for a corner area.


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How it all works

This is how a MultiTaction Cell is constructed and the different models we have available.


What’s underneath

  • Front Glass – Tempered, Hardened, Bonded
  • TFT LCD panel
  • Diffusion Layer
  • Active Infrared Illumination
  • Camera Field of View
  • Integrated Camera Emitter – Camera (IBEC) PC Board

MT XNB Touchscreen MT UNB Touchscreen


The most responsive displays around

We feel that getting face to face with our unparalled multi touch technology is the only way its benefits can be truly understood

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