Connect the Physical World with the Digital World.

Codice is software using optical markers and objects for recognizing individual users and accessing personalized content.

The display recognizes and identifies optical markers using computer vision and object recognition algorithms. MT Codice optical marker is similar to a QR code, which is itself basically a more developed version of a traditional bar code. By placing an optical marker on a display, a user can quickly show, play, send and receive personalized and exclusive content, resulting in a highly personalized digital signage experience. Customer transactions can be recorded in order to provide the content owner with a real-time view of their clients’ interests.

For instance:

  • A trade-show visitor can view brochures and other materials on a display and send them directly to their own email, just by placing a MultiTaction Codice marker on the display.
  • A passenger can place their ticket on a display in order to view the flight details.
  • A DJ can adjust music volume by turning a knob equipped with an optical marker on a display.
  • A customer in a cosmetics store can learn more about interesting products by placing the products on the display.

MT Codice turns anonymous public interactive displays into personal two-way tools that benefit the user and the content owner. It is based on MultiTaction’s proprietary Enriched Reality technology. 2D bar codes can be printed on any object such as cell phones, tickets, loyalty program cards or visitor badges. They can even be printed at home and used with any Codice-enabled interactive display.

MT codice works seamlessly alongside any of our software applications.


Codice optical markers can be associated with any personal information such as name, email address and phone number to be used with a variety of applications ranging from loyalty applications to corporate use in events and marketing.

The uniqueness of Codice optical markers is controlled by the MultiTouch DRM Server, which guarantees that the same code is never in use by more than one person. MultiTouch DRM Server has a capacity for over four billion unique codes.


Glenfiddich created an impressive application on MultiTaction displays that not only explains the premium credentials of the brand but also engages and immerses the user in a persuasive and compelling experience. Housed in the 100 year-old Neilson Hays Library in Bangkok