Discover The Wonder Room: A Next-Generation Classroom

The Wonder Room
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All Saints Anglican school approached Prendi with a vision for creating a next generation classroom.

Driven by digital innovation and creative thinking Prendi helped evolve their vision to deliver a state of the art experience called The Wonder Room.

It’s whimsical. It’s purposeful. I think in the future, education is going to have to do more of both.

The Wonder Room brings together multiple technologies but the centerpiece is the seamless one by five MultiTaction video wall. MultiTaction screens are the next evolution in touch screens. They have built in infrared cameras allowing for unlimited points of touch. Recognition of QR code markers directly through the screen and seamless touch capability across any number of screens.


The screens require custom made content to bring them to life. Created by Prendi, the content features multiple animated background themes, under the sea, out in space, and the jungle.

The goal was to encourage students to search and find information for themselves without direct guidance or labels. The content features nine categories and hundreds of learning items hidden within the numerous layers of interactivity.

The Wonder Room

Students and teachers alike benefit from The Wonder Room. Teachers now have a dynamic educational tool with endless amounts of information available through the custom made content enhancing engagement in the classroom.

The Wonder Room also features a slide from the upstairs library to the room, ambient projection, two portrait displays, 4 interactive whiteboards, plus chill out zones.

The Wonder Room

All designed to provide information to the students in different and more engaging ways. Prendi worked with the team at All Saints Anglican School from initial concept through the technology, procurement, installation, content creation, plus ongoing support and development.

The Wonder Room is an immersive experience. You come in through a slide. You’ve got ambient projection, five MultiTaction screen and interactive glowing whiteboards. It’s nothing like a normal classroom.