MultiTaction solutions outperform anything else on the market..

MultiTaction enables customers to visualize and manipulate massive amounts of information on a single display surface from laptops to giant video walls.

Unique to MultiTaction, the cornerstone graphics engine processes multiple video streams in parallel, seamlessly upscaling and downscaling even the most complex feeds.

Watch the video to see our flagship collaboration solution, MT Canvus, play video in six windows on an iWall, each displaying high res video generated by the Canvus server. Three windows are HD recorded playback, and the other three are using web GL technology to generate highly complex graphics.

You will notice how the video in every window is perfectly smooth, with no stuttering. The cornerstone engine is live downscaling each video feed so we can fit them on your display. But we can also resize them on the fly, or upscale them to fill the entire video wall.

And all of this without compromising the quality of the original.

Performance is just one of the unique capabilities from MultiTaction. Watch our latest video.