On the Road to ISE with Melissa Adamson

On the Road to ISE with Melissa Adamson
On the Road to ISE with Melissa Adamson
On the Road to ISE with Melissa Adamson

Welcome back to our blog series, On the Road to ISE, where we talk to MutiTaction employees about top tech trends for 2020, and what they are most looking forward to seeing at ISE 2020.

In this week’s interview, we speak with Melissa Adamson, our Director of Marketing & Partner Development

What makes ISE a show MultiTaction chooses to attend?

There is no other show in our industry where you can engage with such a diverse range of customers—from end users to AV professionals—all in one place and from such a wide geography. This gives MultiTaction a perfect platform for showing off our visually stunning, interactive displays and unveiling our latest developments in collaboration and visualization software. This year we will be demonstrating new features of our collaboration software, Canvus, as well as a few other surprises you will have to see when you come to the booth.

MultiTaction is a solution that makes the biggest impact when you can see and interact with it in person. ISE gives people from all over the world a chance to engage with MultiTaction and experience our unique set of capabilities no one else can match.

What industry trends do you see making the biggest impact in 2020?

It seems like I always see something new that I hadn’t envisioned before, which is exciting. I do foresee a heavy focus in the collaboration space as well as advances in the AI realm.

When visitors come to the booth, what is the key takeaway you want them to remember when they think about MultiTaction?

With over a decade of specialty collaboration hardware and software experience MultiTaction understands the collaboration and visualization market. The market is getting crowded with interactive hardware and software solutions, but MultiTaction has the expertise, flexibility and customer focus to provide innovative products and services that are second to none.

What sets MultiTaction apart from the competition?

We are a company focused on collaboration solutions. It’s not just a part of a large portfolio of products, it is our sole focus. We are small enough to be nimble and create custom solutions to meet a customer’s needs, yet large enough that we have the experience providing for solutions of all sizes, budgets and markets across the globe.

What are you looking forward most to see at ISE this year?

I’ve worked in the AV industry for many years, so it is also nice to see reconnect with former colleagues and catch up on what is happening in the industry overall. Additionally, since I am based in the U.S. (Portland, Oregon), and MultiTaction is headquartered in Finland I enjoy the chance to spend time with my colleagues with whom I do not get to see in person that often.

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On the Road to ISE 2020

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Stay tuned for next week’s interview, On the Road to ISE with Sailesh Jalakam, MultiTaction’s Director of Customer Success.