New Board Chair Announcement

MultiTaction, industry-leading developer of interactive displays and collaboration software, is pleased to announce, as part of its growth objectives, the appointment of Juha Pinomaa as Chairman of its board of directors. Mr. Pinomaa’s experience spans over 35 years working to develop high tech products and businesses around the world. 

During his career, Mr. Pinomaa has worked with a wide range of companies — from premier retail brands such as Nokia and Suunto to high growth businesses across a range of vertical markets. Mr. Pinomaa is a recognized leader with the ability to inspire and lead diverse groups of individuals and teams.

“I am very happy to have been appointed as the Chairman of the MultiTaction board of directors,” said Mr. Pinomaa. “The world we find ourselves in today is desperately in need of strong solutions to visualize businesses and enable continued innovation and growth through inspiring tools that enable employees to collaborate across remote locations. I look forward to working with the MultiTaction Management team in realizing their plans for the future.”

Ari Rahkonen, CEO of MultiTaction OY, stated, “We are very pleased to make this announcement as part of our strategic plan to continuously increase the leadership and experience available to us in our board of directors. Mr. Pinomaa brings a wealth of experience across a wide range of technology companies that will help us shape our success in the coming years.”

About MultiTaction

MultiTaction is a leading developer of advanced collaboration and visualization solutions – its focus and passion since 2007. From concept to market, the company’s concentration is on creating solutions that allow people to connect in real time, share ideas and solve business problems using live data across teams and around the world.