MT Showcase 1.8 is Here

Showcase 1.8

MT Showcase 1.8 adds new tools for making more expressive and engaging presentations on any multi-touch display or -video wall. The new features improve operation in some key areas (hotspots, videos, Codice operation) and provide general improvements to the interaction engine. Many of the features also relate to keeping the user experience cleaner, by hiding content which is no longer important.

New features

New PDF navigation controls: PDF viewer user interface has been updated, making the navigation of long documents easier.

Blurring of selected background effects: By blurring the Particles, Sparkles and Champagne effects, you can make the background more discreet, thus focusing the users on the main content.

Default plugin location: With the default plugin location there is less time spent on editing configuration files, saving time during custom plugin development.

Showcase 1.8


Loading overlay: Added a loading overlay while loading an app, for a smooth experience when switching apps.

Bouncing teasers: Added option to make floating content and teasers bounce at the edge of the screen, giving a more playful appearance to the teasers.

Keyboard snippets: Added Snippets service for adding preconfigured text snippets to on-screen keyboard. This can be used to speed up presentations where one uses the keyboard for bringing up new content.

Keyboard focus: Added physical keyboard focus slider to on-screen keyboard. This improves the usability and reduces the risk of misplaced keyboard input in a multi-user environment.

Screensaver trigger widget: It is possible to use a screensaver trigger widget for manually activating screensavers.

Screen wipe widget: Added Screen wipe widget that closes all temporary content on screen. This is useful when you want to start your presentation from a scratch, without any old materials on the screen.

Image movie control: Added support for choosing Image movie playback mode.

Lock screen: Added option to lock a screensaver with PIN or Codice. If you need to lock the display during maintenance or other support work, the lock-screen is a useful tool.


Hotspots on images and videos: You can trigger actions, based on hotspots on content. This makes for more dynamic presentations, with more options on where to place hotspots.

Hotspot controls: Added option to close hotspot contents when the hotspot is closed, keeping the workspace cleaner.


Video viewer preview image customization: Set the video viewer preview image, for more fine-grained control of the user experience.

Video stream quality: Added support for configuring video stream quality. This can be used to select the optimal video quality from webcams.

Auto-close videos: Added option to automatically close a video after playing, reducing visual clutter in the workspace. This also helps in not closing the videos while they are playing.


Codice lift interaction possibilities: Added option to open Codice content when marker is lifted instead of placed.

Codice menu navigation: Added support for navigating Finger menu content by rotating Codice. When using codices with a table, this makes menus faster and easier to operate.


Browser session sharing: Added support for sharing web browser sessions between browsers widgets. This makes it easier to use sites that require login or state sharing.

Mouse emulation: Added mouse emulation mode for browser, for testing and development purposes and for using web sites that do not support touch interaction.


Close menu content: Added option to close menu content when menu is closed.

Close previous menu content: There is a new option to close previous menu content when tapping a menu node.


For more information, visit MT Showcase product page.